Remote Jobs for College Students

Credentials for each program vary, but with a program like Cambly, you only need to be a native English speaker with a laptop or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. With Cambly, you can tutor others any time of the day, and you’ll earn $10.20 per hour when you work with adults and $12.00 per hour when you work with kids. If you have good people skills, enjoy helping others, and have a reliable internet connection, you could be a remote customer service agent. Companies will pay you to provide customer service to their clients via phone, email, or chat. Companies use PowerPoint presentations for all sorts of things, from sales pitches to training materials.

  • As a social media manager, you can earn over $48,000 a year just for managing brands’ content online.
  • With freelance writing, you will have to apply to different positions that you’ll find online.
  • No matter your skill set, there is a job that you can do from the comfort of your own dorm room or apartment.
  • Some make around $10,000 a year, while others can earn upwards of $100,000.
  • Because research has shown that the only way for our brain to turn a particular action into a habit is if we repeat it every day.

When you first start out, it could easily take you 20 minutes or longer to get through a minute of audio. Keep in mind that you will need a strong internet connection, good headphones, and a computer to get this job done. However, this can add up if you find the time to take many surveys throughout the month. You could easily make around $1000 USD if you plan it out well enough and have the time to do so. Normally, the packages are sold at a discounted rate versus your hourly price in order to entice people to purchase more work for you.

#9 Freelance Content Writer

After you’ve finished making your list, create a realistic timeline for when you can finish these tasks. Establish a rough estimate for the number of visitors you plan to invite. Similar to an event organizer checklist or task list tracker, this party planner book will help you stay organized and make your party run as smoothly as you have ever imagined. Usually there are parents, teachers and sometimes a group of students who can represent what the rest of the group is expecting.

The class will seem twice as long if you drift off during this time. The effort to synthesize the information and give it its own shape is a tool for studying that facilitates the subsequent assimilation easy remote jobs for college students of the subject. Taking notes forces you to maintain attention and concentration in the classroom, to think about what the teacher says and to write, selecting and structuring the contents of the subject.

Eliminate time thieves

Apart from working from home, another eye-catching benefit of this remote job is flexible work hours, as you can work according to your own schedule—as long as you can deliver your work on time. College students are always looking for ways to make some extra money—and remote jobs might just be a tailor-made option for those who are looking for flexible gigs! Remote jobs allow you to work from home, on the go or anywhere that has internet access. Fortunately, the internet has created a plethora of opportunities for remote work.

Businesses and individuals that require writing services often look to freelancers to find what they need. Project managers run the show from behind the scenes, with their main job being ensuring that everything runs smoothly. From video production to high-risk business investments, project managers exist in every field. When a customer runs into an issue while browsing a website, they will often receive assistance from a technical support representative. Many high-ranking employees of different companies hire assistants to handle smaller issues and jobs that they cannot fit on their schedule.

Surprisingly Easy Ways Students Can Save Money Throughout College

If you enjoy creating content online, you can make a little or a lot of extra cash being a content creator. To get started, choose a few platforms that you’d like to create content for, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest are some of the most popular. Once you have your accounts set up, decide what type of content you will make and start creating. Once you build up a loyal following, you can make money by joining creator funds, advertising, affiliate marketing, selling products, and brand deals. One of the most popular ways for college students to make money online is by becoming a YouTuber.

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